On mention that I am becoming a "freelance" MIDI composer, Ragnarosen faces me off against the CT crew... along with a few Freelancers. Another great example of Ragnarosen's mad sprite manipulation skeelz.

Psycho Tiyal submits her third fanart... and this time it's not even about Midgard. Instead, Tiya and my drama teacher Mrs. Stroeh convince me to do a "Japanese School Girl Dance" by wearing a skirt. Read it... if you're into that kind of thing. :P

More ca-raaazay fanart by Psycho Tiyal. In this issue, Tiya pleads to have a role in my comic, and ends up dropping a cow on her friend Kary. Tiya's alter-ego Dark Elf insults her favorite anime "Fake," and as they begin to argue, I try to get away. I think that pretty much explains it, except for those frightening nameless Jeffrey followers at the end of the comic...

Fanart that I think completely sucks by the peepz at Download: LIFE. But it only sucks because they beat me in an argument to convince me that it's really, really good, or something.

BSET FANFART EVAR from Bouncy Fish. I didn't know anyone could capture such detail in their work.

Psycho Tiyal drew this great comic for me, even after I coldly rejected her humble request for a cameo in my comic. This is some great work!

First fanart by The Lone Goldfish. Seems this scene was very popular. Thanks a lot!